Recent Graduates, Unite on B-School Preparation...

<p>Who has recently graduated from an undergraduate institution, is thinking about b-school down the road, but simply can't find a job in this market?</p>

<p>I've worked throughout all 4 years of college, and now that I've graduated, I'm stuck with no job. well.. what have you guys been doing to stay busy, how have you been preparing for b-school, and what industries are you looking to break into?</p>


<p>Graduated in 2008 with an Econ degree from a UC. Have past experience in i-banking, environmental consulting, and entrepreneurial start-ups. obviously interested in a top b-schools down the road (maybe in 5 years). My long-term goal is to become a business owner, but will probably succumb to paying my dues for the next 10 years. Since graduation, I have traveled a bit around South America. Now i'm job hunting for really anything that is entry-level, related to business/finance... and concurrently studying for the GMAT...</p>