recent increases in merit awards?

I have heard some mention of Miami increasing merit awards lately, and we have also seen a couple of schools where DS was accepted do this, perhaps as a strategic approach to improving yield given recent insanity.

Anyone lucky enough to get this love form Miami?

Miami increased my merit…before COVID

Were you in one of the scholarship competitions?

Miami increased my merit scholarship from 10k to 22k recently! I thought something was wrong at first so I called to ask about it and then I got an email back that confirmed my scholarship. I am an in-state student so I think that means it completely covers tuition and half of room and board costs. Now I am strongly considering going to Miami even though I’ve already committed to OSU. Anyone else get a increase in their merit scholarship recently?

Thank you. Where did you seee the update? In the applicant portl?

Our DD (currently a junior) in interested in Miami (well, she’s interested in their equestrian team :-)). She’s OOS, has a 34 ACT and a 4.39 w/GPA, 3.89 uw/GPA. What are her chances of getting more than a half-tuition merit offer?

Wants to study biology, biochem or zoology. Thanks!

@Muad_dib Miami is pretty up front about the requirements for merit and they stick pretty closely to their grid: see here – If your D’s stats fall in that range, you will pretty much be guaranteed at least the lowest amount listed.

D is currently an OOS freshman at Miami - she had a 1460 SAT which netted her 21K/year - almost seemed like they gave an extra $1K per 10 points over the 1450 cutoff. Offers I’ve seen posted for this year’s incoming class seem a little higher and with the COVID situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if they up it even more. One other nice thing Miami has is the “tuition promise” - they hold the cost of tuition and fees (and room and board if you stay on campus) for all 4 years – no tuition or fee increases. So what you pay out of pocket freshman year is what you pay senior year. I don’t know of any other school that does that. D is a biochem major and loves it there so far!

Does Miami publish a way to find out what the cut-offs within those ranges are - like how much between $20,000 and $36,000 would an OOS student with an ACT 34 and 4.0 GPA get? Balyor has a “calculator”, but I couldn’t find anything like that for Miami. Thanks!

@ClassOf21inIowa The Admissions officer told me that this is exactly why they keep it as a “range”. It’s a fluid merit aid window and the amount you get in that range is dependent on how many kids fall into that range for that enrollment year. So, they can’t tell you exactly how much, only that if your scores dictate it, you will fall somewhere in that specific merit scholarship range. If they have more than usual really smart students applying, there will be less money to dole out. Makes sense, I guess.