Recent UCLA phone call?

<p>I got a phone call today from 310-825-4321 which is the UCLA number. However, I was not around to pick up my phone and my mom picked it up for me. They basically just asked for me and when i'll be around etc. I called them back the minute my mom told me but now their office is closed. So did anyone else get a phone call from UCLA recently? It will probably be for the same reason if it was like a mass phone call and just wondering what they called about. I kinda doubt they'll call again and I heard that number is a general UCLA number meaning that all the offices (admissions, scholarships, etc.) share the same number and I don't want to just call back and be like "uhh i got a phone call from this number but don't know from what office". </p>

<p>So anyone? :)</p>

<p>It's more like the "do you have any questions regarding blahblahblah you have 10 minutes to ask me all you want" type of thing.</p>

<p>LOL, that's the general UCLA line. No matter where you call from at UCLA to someone outside of campus, they will get that number on their caller ID.</p>

<p>Basically if I remember correctly it's just a student asking you if you had any questions and if you were planning to attend Orientation and stuff...</p>

<p>yep thats all it is. me and my friend got that call yesterday. nothing to worry about!</p>

<p>yes i think you get the call after you SIR.</p>

<p>^ Strange, I didn't even SIR yet lol. Thanks for the responses! Guess nothing to worry about then.</p>

<p>oh yea! i got that clall too! this was saying admission is blah blah blah, financial blah blah blah, honor programs blah blah blah.</p>