Recent visit

<p>Are we the only people outside New Mexico to visit NMT? Great visit, nice facilities, nice people. They made a very strong impression on my son. He is seriously considering it ahead of his other admissions, including the U of Washington.</p>

<p>I'm considering,too</p>

<p>I know I don't really count, since I live in New Mexico, but I'm from Las Cruces, and it really is by far the best school I've visited in the state. My sister goes there and I intend on going this upcoming semester. The town's a little depressing though, but I figure it's only an hour away from a pretty big town and only two hours from home. I'll manage!</p>

<p>thank you,just_adela14
I have some extra questions actually,I'll be major in electrical engineering,but I am not sure whether NMT is good at it,since it focuses on mining?</p>

<p>I've heard that the rent in socorro is unusually higher than elsewhere because of the demand by NMT students.I wonder what's the rent per year there generally.</p>


<p>I can't help you with rent and stuff like that, but I can tell you that there is a lot more mechanical, electrical, and materials engineering than mining going on at NMT these days. We didn't talk to anyone in chemical/petroleum engineering when we were visiting, but I know that's a big program, too.</p>

<p>We did talk to a grad student in electrical engineering who was working on robots to disarm land mines.</p>

<p>I think my son is going to attend NMT. He really loved the school, and the money is right (cheaper than UW, and we live here).</p>

<p>yeah,despite the increasing tuition,NMT is still affordable.
I'm curious about the average rent rate per year there recently.</p>

<p>UW is expensive for out-of-state at least,ahh.</p>

<p>Their classes and enrollment are small, which attract me a lot.</p>

<p>Has your son been admitted by far?Good luck on his admission!
I applied NMT and I guess I will know the decision in a week from now on.</p>

<p>Yeah, NMT doesn't really stress mining a lot, they have a lot of engineering fields that are just as strong. I'm personally majoring in biology, so I'm a little curious as to whether they are as strong in the natural sciences vs. engineering and physics, which I hear is a very popular major.</p>