Recently accepted to Cal Poly SLO (CompE) and UCI (CompE)

Hello, I’m currently a high school senior that has to make a big decision on which college to attend (UCI or Cal Poly SLO). I’m not sure what I am interested in currently, however, I know that I want to do something related to programming or maybe hardware. I was recently given the option to attend Cal Poly SLO or UCI for CompE, and I’m not sure which college is the best to attend for CS or CpE, and I might major change to CS (likely). How is the reputation for UCI or Cal Poly SLO in the job market? How hard is it to obtain internships in my 3rd-4th year?

Pros of Cal Poly SLO:

-I can easily switch into CS, because I was admitted as a CPE major (same department)

-CpE degree would provide me with experience with half programming and half hardware

-a little bit cheaper by 1k

-learn by doing

-I heard that their CS department is on par with UCSD and UCSB

-4+1 masters degree

Cons of Cal Poly SLO

-200 miles from my house

-not as prestigious as the UCs

-overcrowded classes

-i’m a minority there (asian)

-cost of living? not sure tbh

-middle of nowhere?

Pros of UCI:

-40 miles away from my house

-CS is respected here

-CS has an entire department dedicated to itself

-more research opportunities available (I’m not sure how important this is for a CS major. Can someone please comment if it is? Thanks)

-more asians? haha

-better chance of getting into graduate school (uh, do I need to as a CS/CpE major?)

Cons of UCI:

-CS and CpE are in two different schools, so it would be difficult (but not impossible) for me to transfer from CpE>CS. Also, the courses that I’m required to take is highly impacted (filled within minutes, but I only need two courses ICS 31 & 32)

-CpE will barely provide me with coding experience (only 6 classes on programming for my major)

-Classes are crowded

Thank you for taking your time to read this thread :slight_smile: have a nice day

Probably too late for this response, but I would have voted UCI. Where did you end up choosing?