Recently prescribed Wellbutrin

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<p>While I'm not a parent, I figured the Parent's Forum was the best place to come since you're all so helpful and knowledgeable. After about a year of seeing a psychologist, she referred me to a psychiatrist that ended up diagnosing me with moderate depression. From here he prescribed Wellbutrin. I'm grateful for this, especially as we come to a new school year, because my academics last year were not up to par due to problems concentrating and an extremely lethargic demeanor that essentially resulted in me screwing myself over. Now, I've never been on antidepressants (let alone any sort of long term medication) and I'm curious as to what this will mean in the future. Is it possible that my depression will bar me from job opportunities? Studying abroad? Any sort of insight into living on antidepressants would be appreciated!</p>

<p>That should not be an issue with anything you've mentioned.</p>

<p>Some people complain that Wellbutrin makes them feel kind of spacey or if you feel that way, ask for a different Rx.</p>

<p>Just a FYI I was prescribed wellbutrin, and my eyesight started decreasing. Right as I went on it, I had an eye appt for new contacts, my eye sight was the same it's been for years, three weeks later I needed stronger contacts. I went off it, and my eyesight is back to where it was..I guess its a very uncommon side effect, most people do great on wellbutrin and I hope you're one of them! Good Luck!</p>

<p>It's unlikely to affect employment. Don't ever let your health insurance lapse. </p>

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<p>Wellbutrin can be a very helpful medication. It does take a while to really kick in (several weeks) so be patient. It has a variety of possible side-effects, but not everyone gets any or all of them. If they cause you a problem, discuss it with your doctor. (You can't just <em>stop</em> taking it, you need to wean off of it.) If you were depressed enough that you were lethargic and couldn't concentrate, it may very well help you.</p>

<p>It shouldn't have any impact on your ability to get a job - your medical records are private and there's nothing about Wellbutrin that should inhibit any job performance. </p>

<p>Anti-depressants have gotten some bad/scary press, but they are very helpful for many, many people. I know people for whom Wellbutrin has been a great help.</p>

<p>Good luck to you!</p>

<p>You should be fine. Just don't develop an eating disorder. There is an increased risk of seizures in pts with an eating disorder treated with Wellbutrin. Oh, but the side benefit-- it helps with smoking cessation :)</p>