Recently received official FA award letter?

My son returned from Tulsa Time on Monday and interviewed for the Presidential Scholarship while there. Today he received his official financial aid award. Anyone else in the running for the Presidential who recently received their award notification? I am wondering if that means he is out of contention since the timing seems suspicious. Would love to compare notes on this (actually I want reassurance that others received it recently too :slight_smile: )

Looks like it is going to be much tougher than usual to receive the Presidential Scholarship. Usually 10% will receive, but this year the number will be 5% according to staff. So I am not feeling too hopeful for him since, though he has great stats, he isn’t a NMSF.

Don’t worry about the financial aid award. In the past, Tulsa sent the financial aid award exclusive of the Presidential Scholarship out to all students prior to making the presidential selections. I know I received a merit scholarship package from Tulsa when I applied two years ago, and then about a month later I received the Presidential Scholarship (which supersedes all other merit scholarships).

Good Luck!

Thanks for answering, rbkgeneral! Exactly what I was hoping. Guess we just wait now.