Recieving Confirmation

<p>I sent my application in last Wednesday and I've still not recieved any confirmation that they got it...should I be worried yet? The deadline comes closr and closer. :)</p>

<p>Nobody else in the same boat? =/</p>

<p>Hey, I sent in my Part I online last week, and my counselor has sent in her stuff, but I haven't recieved any confirmation yet either (except for an email saying they recieved the online part). Supposedly they are going to send something in the mail with your NET ID password, so that you can track the status of your application online, but I haven't recieved anything yet.</p>

<p>Good to know others are having a similar experience...It's just a bit worrisome because I want to make sure my stuff got to them before the nov. 1 deadline flies by. No sense in psyching myself out, I guess.</p>

<p>don't worry, i sent my stuff in a month ago, didn't recieve any confirmation for i finally called them up
they have it, Brown is always slow on the paperwork, don't expect a confirmation for some time, but call just to be sure, they have everything under file</p>

<p>D got confirmation I user ID and password today and Parts 1 & 1A were sent in on 10/04/04</p>

<p>Phew. Got it. :)</p>

<p>i think they send the confirmation by post and it takes time to reach hasnt reached me...although my materials have reached brown</p>

<p>they send a confirmation after they receive part I. It comes in the mail, and lists a username and password for you to use to check the status of the other parts of your app online.</p>

<p>beside the confirmation do they connec you for and ed interview and has anyone heared about interviews yet</p>

<p>i mean contact -i'm the applicants mom and am not usedto typing on posts</p>

<p>I was wondering about interviews too.</p>

<p>My D was contacted via e-mail for her interview . The interviewer is an alum and it is scheduled for next week. She applied ED.</p>

<p>When was she contacted?</p>

<p>Sorry for the delay - i signed off the board right after posting yeasterday.
She was contacted about 8 days ago and her appointment is next Sunday.</p>