Recluse spider bite.

i was bitten by a brown recluse spider yesterday, but didnt realize it till today, because the initial symptoms were similar to the neuropathy I have in my feet sometimes.
( its on my third toe)
It is really bruised and painful. I called the dr but she couldnt see me till tomorrow snd I bet money she will just say " keep an eye on it".
But what should i take for pain and my friend is also expecting me to take her to water exercise tomorrow.btw, although some websites say we do not have them , we do!

Oh, I am so sorry, Ek! Yes we do have some. I was bit on a finger. The whole thing turned purple and swelled. :frowning: I did not see a doctor because swelling went away the next day. Amazingly, it went from dark purple to absolutely no color in under 2 days - not like a typical bruise. I used neosporin on the finger because I was afraid that there could be some cuts or puncture through which bacteria could get in. My spider was tiny, and the amount of venom was small, so I did not have major issues.

Keep an eye on the bite and if you feel anything unusual, call your clinic!

Wow, you’re a brave woman! All the nature show footage about the brown recluse indicate that it’s an extremely dangerous spider. I would have run to the emergency room as fast as possible. Please take care, and don’t hesitate to seek emergency care if it shows signs of getting worse.

How is your bite today, EK? I hope you got to your doctor. I would have gone to the ER if I knew it was a brown recluse - what symptoms did you have that you were able to determine this? I would be especially concerned because it is on such an extremity and one that you have neuropathy on as well.

initially, I thought I had somehow stepped in a chemical, even though that wasnt likely. I had neuro twinges on a few of my toes.
I had been in the basement with sandals on, moving some boxes & wood.
Later my 3rd toe hurt so much I had to walk mostly on my heel, but I couldn’t see anything.
However the next morning, (thursday)it had a very dark bruise that started at the base of the nail and went proximally.
Too dark to tell what was contact point.
I put clay on it ( like for your face) and neosporin, and went to the saltwater beach to stand in the water.
( I dont know if it helped the bite, but it is good for neuropathy)
Friday morning, it looked better, but I soaked it in epsom salts before I went to the dr.
She prescribed Keflex & hydrocortisone cream, so I am doing that. I also went swimming as usual.
Im lucky it seems to be healing ok, some people have bad reactions!

Please please watch it. If it doesn’t respond to keflex get it checked again. Too often spider bites aren’t spider bites but are MRSA. Keflex should be appropriate for skin infections but not MRSA

Hope you heal quickly, don’t forget to take probiotics while on antibiotics and continue for at least 1 week after completion of the prescription.

Im curious as to what would usually be their prey.
She certainly couldnt eat me, so it must be designed for something smaller that they can save for later?
It seems to be overkill if they are just snacking on other insects.

EK, just checking in to see how you are. My mom was a clerk in an ER and it was always a big deal when someone came in with a recluse spider bite.

Thanks for asking, missypie.
Taking my meds, the steroid cream isnt doing much.
Swelling increased but , I figure thats cause my body is fighting infection.
i read it can take over a month to heal, so I just have to be patient.

I am not so patient. It seems to be healing very slowly. After reading ancedotes on edoctors, I am now also
I just hope it doesnt take a turn for the worse during the weekend.

Not liking the sound of that. Sending healing karma your way!

Today would be a week, right? Is there any sign of a blister or open sore? /shudders

I had no idea we had recluse spiders here, never heard of that in this area! Are you okay?

i was bitten by a brown recluse spider on a performing arts trip to disney world earlier this year. the bite began to expand throughout the day and it was painful, so the paramedics came to my hotel room. They said that there was no streaking on my leg, which means that the venom didn’t get into the bloodstream. Considering its been a week, you are probably ok, and if there isn’t any streaking then I don’t think there is any major reason to be concerned!

Hmmm … According to this site, steroid creams such as hydrocortisone should not be used to treat a brown recluse spider bite.

S was bitten by one when he was a senior in HS. He was a major tech guy and up on the catwalk when he was bite. When he came home H and I drew a line with a magic marker and watched it carefully to see if the line from the bite grew and how much. Also gave him an antihystemine (sp?). And Iced it. It did grow for a few hours and was hot , red and angry.
I took about 48 hrs to recede.
His Theater Director was angry with him but once he saw the lines he calmed down.
HIs friends thought he was a hero.

Wishing you well,ek.

stupid spider.

Finished the antibiotics last week. The outside hastnt changed much, a little pink and swollen, but it hurts enough for over the counter pain meds.
Waiting to see if that helps.
So annoying, its summer, I wanna do stuff, not soak my foot.

Did Dr culture to verify isn’t MRSA ?perhaps it isn’t a spider bite