Recognition from 2010

<p>So, I think us 2010ers will use this thread to keep all updated on how Recognition is progressing. :slight_smile: So far so good, except the fool 4 dig who made the comment about 2008 on the staff tower.</p>

<p>Oh man, that kid is dead.</p>

<p>Especially since he ran, what an idiot. Note to 2012: some of your classmates will be dumb, you just have to learn to live with it.</p>

<p>Now back to your regularly scheduled thread...</p>

<p>Please tell me he is from 7 and not 8...well any squadron but 8, and maybe 10, 15, 24,25 hmmmmm ok 8.</p>

<p>we'll post some things on here, but a lot of it we'd prefer not to discuss. some of it you won't understand unless you're there, and other things we don't want to spoil for future cadets.</p>

<p>so don't feel bad if you aren't getting a lot of information out of us.</p>

<p>What comment did the 4 dig make?</p>

<p>A member of 2008 went up to the tower and said: "This is a message from 2008 to 2011: hydrate." </p>

<p>A member of 2011 proceeded to go up a couple minutes later and said: "This is a message from 2011 to 2008, did YOU hydrate during your recognition?" Then he proceeded to run away quickly.</p>

<p>For those that do not know, 2008 (along with 2007) were the only unrecognized classes at USAFA.</p>

<p>Oh my gosh... that's not cool. IMO that's just flat out disrespectful. They didn't choose to not be recognized, that was just their luck of the draw.</p>

<p>Just a question - if a 4 dig is on crutches because of a broken ankle, what happens to him?</p>

<p>Stays with his classmates, does what he can, and supports them! Not ALL of recognition is physical training.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info hornetguy!</p>



<p>Why were they not recognized?</p>

<p>The Academy went through a difficult period in the early years of 2000. Several scandals occured. The leadership of the Academy changed a couple of times before Gen Regni and Gen D took over. Recognition was suspended for the class of 2007 and 2008. When Gen Regni took over he brought it back for the class of 2009. Hazing was one of the reasons it was suspended.</p>

<p>D told me that story just before she lost her phone. She said so not cool to upset the upperclass just before it begins!!!!Got the last call at 5 of 4 to say losing her phone and she would call on Saturday!!! She seemed scared but very ready to face it all. She said her roommate said she was talking in her sleep last and kept say as long as we do it as a team we will make it !!! hahaha!! That truly is the key!!! Wish the class of 2011 much luck these next few days!!!</p>

<p>I got a text message from son at 4 this afternoon saying: "This should be to you Saturday".
Hopefully I can keep busy the next three days and just wait for that phone call on Saturday night. </p>


<p>The first night has gone pretty well, in my squad. Most of our 4 digs "get it" but a couple still don't seem to.</p>

<p>Our freshmen failed miserably. They gave up way too early into Recognition and it only got us fired up. My coachee has already disappointed me and she promised me that she would never give up. 2011 still needs to get it together.</p>

<p>365 days until it's 2012's turn, yay! (sarcasm)</p>

<p>can't wait to go through the experience tho.</p>

<p>Im kinda getting pumped for Tx at the moment.</p>

<p>Hang in there 2011!</p>

<p>It would be snowing during recognition.</p>

<p>Are all classes involved the whole time ? Or do just the firsties do it all??? Because at the end I see its just those to classes that run to the rock! What do the other classes do during this time, if not involved???</p>