Recomendations.... (and a few more questions)

<p>My teacher rec A was processed on September 29, however, my teacger rec B has not been processed. I know for sure that they both, at least, sent it by Nov. 1, and since I live 45 min away from Columbia, it should have gotten there by the 4th, but now its the 11th, and no word. Is this common? Should I call Columbia? If not, how long should I wait before I call them? If I do call them, will they be able to tell me which teachers rec is in (I do not remember who I gave A to, and who I gave B to)?</p>

<p>Also, some more questions. I have a few more recs, from other people, will those show up? And if not, should I call to make sure they are all there?</p>


<p>Despite the fact that we send them on the same day, they sometimes receive it on a different date, and by "receive", I don't mean when it gets to their office...I mean when they acutally pick it up from the mountain of apps/forms. Don't worry, as long as you sent them out in time it's ok...for more info on mailing and them receiving, look at thread "Has anyone......".</p>

<p>this is common</p>

<p>wait at least until next monday</p>

<p>no, they won't show up, but if you call them they'll tell you</p>

<p>Thanks guys...</p>

<p>my second rec was just processed yesterday so just wait a few more days</p>

<p>mine came like REALLy in it said nov.10 this normal?</p>

<p>finally my recommendation A has been received. Everything is out of my hands now. Now all I can do is pray and hope for the best.</p>

<p>Just got in today.... thanks guys</p>

<p>hey carrera! I'm happy that your rec got in, but has columbia received your SAT Scores?</p>

<p>Yes... I rushed them...</p>

<p>columbia's website says do NOT rush SAT scores.....</p>

<p>Yeah, they say that because they don't want to seem biased. If they accepted rushed scores, then that would be biased to the people who can afford the extra 30 some odd dollars it costs to rush them. But if you do rush them, they will take it anyways. There would be no way that they would have my SAT scores if they did not accept my rushed scores.</p>

<p>o damn.. my SAT 2 results aren't out yet (I took them on Nov 6th).. what do i do?</p>

<p>Wait for them to come out... </p>

<p>I was talking about my october scores...</p>

<p>Scores will be available a week from today...</p>

<p>my nov scores come out on the 19th... although columbia does accept nov scores, does that mean that my app wont really be considered fully till they see my sat 2 scores?</p>

<p>and do i have to rush them as well if ive already put columbia as one of my score recipients before hand.</p>

<p>If they say they accept Nov. 6 SATs, and they say on their website that they do not accept rushed scores (although thats BS), then you will be fine if you just send it regularly. If I do well on my SATs, I will rush them, if I don't, I won't, hoping that they will make a tentative decision before they see the scores.</p>

<p>hahaha good call. that's precisely why i havent "rushed" my sat 2 scores. cus i have nooooo idea what they're going to be like...
and they actualy might be bad.
so im hoping that my app will blow them away before they get the chance to see those horrible sat 2 scores..</p>

<p>i thot they didnt look at ur app at all until it was complete</p>

<p>well my app is complete.. jus not with the sat 2 scores lol</p>