Recommend any books for AP US History?

I want to learn US history instead of just taking the exam tips. Any recommendation of books? I bought AMSCO book, but it has no answer and it talked about tips instead of history.

That’s the book you want and it has everything you need.

For a foundational understanding of what became early U.S. history, consider reading 1776 by David McCullough.

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Are you taking APUSH in school? Is your teacher not doing an adequate job? Or are you trying to self-study to take the test on your own? Colleges aren’t impressed by self-studying.

The way you have worded this makes me wonder if you have ever studied US History. Is that possibly the case?

I will take the course in the next year. But I want to read some history book in advance this year.

Thank you for your advice!

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Hi, the “AMSCO” Book (if we’re talking about the same book), is more of a test-prep book. There are several APUSH test-prep books, but that’s NOT what you’re trying to do.

Your not trying to “cram” for the A/P test in 4 weeks. You are looking for a text book to “read ahead” before the class even starts. In this case, this might be a good fit:

This way, if your teacher eventually assigns one of the more traditional text books, you won’t be stuck having to reread the exact same chapters again.

MH 5 Steps to a 5?

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Amsco is great!! It has a lot of valuable material. I took APUSH last school year, and took notes using the latest Alab Brinkley textbook. I ended up doing pretty well in the class, and would definitely recommend that book.