Recommend any books for AP US History?

I want to learn US history instead of just taking the exam tips. Any recommendation of books? I bought AMSCO book, but it has no answer and it talked about tips instead of history.

That’s the book you want and it has everything you need.

For a foundational understanding of what became early U.S. history, consider reading 1776 by David McCullough.

Are you taking APUSH in school? Is your teacher not doing an adequate job? Or are you trying to self-study to take the test on your own? Colleges aren’t impressed by self-studying.

The way you have worded this makes me wonder if you have ever studied US History. Is that possibly the case?

I will take the course in the next year. But I want to read some history book in advance this year.

Thank you for your advice!

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Hi, the “AMSCO” Book (if we’re talking about the same book), is more of a test-prep book. There are several APUSH test-prep books, but that’s NOT what you’re trying to do.

Your not trying to “cram” for the A/P test in 4 weeks. You are looking for a text book to “read ahead” before the class even starts. In this case, this might be a good fit:

This way, if your teacher eventually assigns one of the more traditional text books, you won’t be stuck having to reread the exact same chapters again.