Recommend Safeties/Matches

I have several reaches, and a few matches. Hopefully, these reaches will become matches when I retake the SAT.

I’d prefer to be in Southern California. But, some recommendations in NJ or NYC would be great, too.

About Me:
NJ resident, rising senior, female, 17.
GPA: 3.4/3.5 (4.0)
SAT: 1410, will retake.
Extracurriculars: Currently: dance. Previously: yearbook, community service, martial arts.
Volunteering: Volunteered with two animal rescue groups, one online English tutoring service, and one childcare group. (Need to get hours verified)
Single parent household, eligible for Pell Grant. Around 15% Hispanic, so I probably wouldn’t be considered an URM.

What are your reaches and matches? And which public in-state New Jersey schools are on your list as safeties? There should be at least one that you know you can afford.

@N’s Mom Montclair in my in-state school of choice, and my estimate is only $1,067 living off campus, after 5,000 of loans.
My reaches: CUNY Hunter, Cal State LB. (Not considering SDU anymore, too expensive)
My matches: Montclair, Long Beach City College, Cal State LA, CUNY BMCC, & Los Angeles City College.
Cal State LA is my top choice, but my estimate is about 31K with no R&B. LBCC & LACC estimates are 21k, which are more reasonable, although high for CCs.

And what can your family afford to pay?

@Erin’s Dad My EFC estimates have been from $0-$200, although I think that’s a little low. My mom will take out loans. I’m an only child, and she’s not a big spender, so she won’t need much money when I move out. I’m planning on working in college, too.

*Important I’m also a first-generation college student, I forgot to mention that.

If your EFC is <$1k then you mother can’t afford to take out loans. For instance CSU LB will cost $33K/year. How would your mother borrow that much? Are you really going to ask your mother to take loans of >$120K so you can go to school out of state? Hunter College may be more workable if you can live at home and commute (cost of ~$15K for tuition and fees). What is your local CC? Unless you get that SAT up that will be the least expensive option.

@Erin’s Dad My local CC is terrible, unfortunately. I probably can’t get into CSULB, my #1 choice is CSULA, although that’s around the same price. If my mom does move with me, will I really be paying OOS for 4/6years? I’ve never heard of that. For Hunter, I’d take the train or bus, b/c I don’t want to pay $15 a day just for the bridge.

Whittier might be worth a try. I think they’re test-optional, and they could offer you a merit scholarship to bring their tuition into range. They would probably cost less than any public for an out-of-state student.

@woogzmama It’s only about 25000 before loans, & 20000 after. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can’t borrow $25k. It’s generally not wise to take out more than the federal student loans – $27k total for all 4 years – and your mom can’t afford to take out $100k worth of loans.

I think you need to figure your budget first, then create your list. It sounds like you may qualify for a federal Pell grant (up to $5k/year), and you can take out the federal student loan (~$5500/year). If you work over the summer you can probably earn ~$3k. That gives you ~$13k/ year. I’d start by finding an IS school (maybe one within commuting distance) that’s within that budget. (Don’t forget to include books, health insurance, and commuting costs to the cost of attendance). If you can get your scores up, maybe you can find a merit grant to help cover tuition so you can use the Pell & loan for room & board.

I wouldn’t suggest moving across the country with the hope of getting IS tuition. They may not give it to you and you’ll probably lose you’re IS status in NJ in the process.

Look up the rules for establishing state residency to get in-state tuition rates.

“If you are physically present in California solely for educational purposes, you will not be eligible for resident classification regardless of the length of your stay in California.”

NJ-Ramapo College
NY-Marymount Manhattan College

@austinmshauri I am eligible for the Pell Grant. Most of the colleges I’ve been looking at have offered me around 10K-20K in aid. I know it’s hard to get residency, but I’m looking to stay in CA for life, not just for college. I’m planning on working during the year. The only good in-state school with social work is Montclair. There are others, at least 27K+ a year, more than most in CA!
@tk21769 See above.
@laughandlearn23 Ramapo is too “preppy” for me, I know many people who’ve attended. I really don’t like the woodsy area, either. Marymount doesn’t have anything related to social work, unfortunately. It’s 32K w/ R&B after financial aid, which is near CA prices.

You won’t get CA residency until after graduation. Forget about that. There is no way that Rutgers Social Work degree in-state ($14k for tuition and fees) is More expensive than the UCs.

@“Erin’s Dad” I don’t think I’d be accept there, & I don’t want to attend! Even if I did, I’m not commuting to Central Jersey everyday. So, with R&B, my estimate is 16,304. That’s a good price, although Montclair is less.

Look at my recent post, please.