Recommend schools and chance this decent jew!!!!!!!

<p>Please give me some schools and chance me!!!!!!!! Just finished junior year so these stats are pretty much set. </p>

<p>GPA (unweighted): 3.902/4 (if it matters, As since soph yr)
SAT (superscored): 2320: 750 CR, 800M, 770W
SAT (highest composite): 2300: 750 CR, 800M, 750W
SAT II: Chem 780, Math II waiting on scores but probably 800, Physics 710
PSAT: 236 -> National Merit Semifinalist
Rank: Not calculated but it's somewhere in the top 10%</p>

<p>Courseload has been rigorous</p>

<p>Junior yr:
US History
Chinese 3H
AP Phys B
AP Chem
Adv Pre-Calc H</p>

<p>Senior yr:
Euro Hist
AP Bio
AP Phys C
AP Calc BC
Money Management</p>

<p>Want to major in math/sci field
Race: White
Will not need/qualify for financial aid
School: Competitive private</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (weak): clarinet in Conc/Marching Band 9-10, State Youth Symphony 10-12, lessons 9-12, Air Riflery 11-12, Chess Club 10-12 VP, Hospital community service 11-12, had a summer research assistant opportunity summer going into junior year</p>

<p>Miscellaneous: Only other leadership would be in our school's annual fundraiser carnival which raises around a million each yr for financial aid, where I held a chair position for junior year. So you can see that I have alright stats but am lacking otherwise. I'd appreciate any schools you could recommend and chance me for them. I was thinking of USC perhaps and also UCs (out of state), tell me if that's realistic or too reachy.I'm pretty open to any schools any of you could suggest - thanks for your time.</p>

<p>You're a good student: all of the top schools are within reach.</p>

<p>thanks, would you mind recommending/chancing some other schools too?</p>

<p>Your name is bigjew, and you have 3 posts...</p>

<p>lol yes...this is the only reason why i'd need to post</p>

<p>Do you want a big university or a smaller liberal arts college?</p>

<p>You have very good stats and would be a reasonable candidate at the top schools in either of these categories.</p>

<p>medium to large sized research universities</p>

<p>Much will depend on the competition from your own hiigh school and similar private schools in your region. Top colleges expect much from those with top HS educations and the compettition is brutal from good private schools. Look at your own school's histoy at colleges for the most accurate info.</p>

<p>If your GPA's a 3.9 unweighted then your weighted would be around... 4.4ish?
Then yeah, I think you'd make top universities, excluding the super prestigious Ivy's.</p>

<p>Btw, isn't it a little late to be applying to colleges at this time of year?</p>

<p>Nah I just finished my junior year so I'll be going into senior year - plenty of time. I'm not sure about the weighted GPA since we don't calculate it but I'm just kind of concerned about the ECs and lack of leadership so it would be kind of helpful to get some school recommendations.</p>


<p>Mazel Bigjew...u are going all the way!!! I am sure you have a college advisor at your private school. Don't you use naviance?</p>

<p>We do except we don't have the data from past yrs on it, so that's why some input here would be really helpful.</p>

Medium to large sized research university


<p>What about Berkeley? Are you wanting public or private? How would you classify "medium"? That would help. There are some ivys that you might like as well; however, they're not classified as "large" although some could be categorized as medium.</p>

<p>Wow, thanks bigjew! I was going to post a chance thread on here, but your stats are almost identical to mine, so I don't have to! Plus, I'm a Jew too! Chai five!</p>

<p>Alright lol how about chancing for these schools then?</p>

<p>Penn ED

<p>I mean really I just am not looking for a super small place - anywhere that fits that I'm open to really.</p>


<p>Where are you located? Do you want east coast, west coast or somewhere in the middle? If you are interested in Math/Science, look at Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon. Maybe Brown.</p>

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