Recommend some computer engineering schools?

<p>Rather than giving you a list of schools that I want you to chance me into, I decided to be a bit more creative. Instead, I'll give you my intended major, and if you don't mind, you can give me a list of schools that you think I should apply to (reach, fit, safety). I would prefer a school in or near an urban setting, but I also like schools with campuses (that's why I love UPenn and Columbia so much, even though their engineering programs may not be top tier).</p>

<p>So I'm interested in computer engineering (or even computer science)...</p>

<p>SAT: 2320 in a single sitting (M: 800, W: 740, CR: 780); 2360 superscored (W: 780 on another exam)</p>

<p>Subject Tests: 800 Bio M, 770 Chem, 770 World, taking Math 2 in the fall</p>

<p>ACT: results next week</p>

<p>GPA: If not a 4.0 unweighted, very close (I'm not certain yet); 4.42 weighted (we do +.3 for honors and +.4 for AP)</p>

<p>AP: So far just a 5 on World, but I get 3 scores this summer</p>

Cross country for all 4 years, mainly JV, but maybe varsity next year? I do it more because I enjoy running and persevering, since I'm not the most amazing runner.
Involved in the youth corps. at my local volunteer ambulance station. We organize blood drives and get to assist in riding in the ambulances (pretty basic, but necessary roles...such filling out paperwork, moving the stretcher, getting equipment). I usually surpass the 8 hr/month requirement because I love doing this. I want to take an EMT course next year so I can join the senior corps. once I turn 18. I also want to continue this at college, which I hope to write about.
I volunteered as a junior patient advocate last summer at my local hospital for about 30 hours.
Mu Alpha Theta: Junior year I was tutoring coordinator. I was extremely committed to the club, and I took on a greater role than the prior president probably did. My peers recognized this and voted me as this year's president. I've organized a math scavenger hunt, math competitions, awards, etc.
Challenger Little League for 2 years, assisting developmentally disabled children in playing baseball.
This summer I have a job for the county government as a student worker. I'll be doing a lot working with the computers and upgrading their systems. I am pretty certain I can get a good letter of recommendation from this.
I am involved in JSA (my school's debate club).
NHS, which is basically standard I guess.</p>

<p>Awards: Nothing really amazing. I did get the RPI Medal, which is a scholarship to RPI given that I am accepted. I also have made honor role every semester, and quite a few school academic awards.</p>

<p>I'm just worried because I have nothing like...really related to computer science, even though I know what it is what I want to do. The problem is my school has no clubs of the sort. I've taken classes in computer science, but that's about the extent of what my school offers. I'm thinking of starting one, but my school is being tough about new clubs since the wonderful concerned taxpayers are cutting the school budget to the bare minimum.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help. I'll chance back if anyone so desires.</p>

<p>Okay. For schools that are amazing in CS/CE/EE, some good ones are:</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon University - Tied with MIT for #1 for Computer Science, ranked #27 in the world (top 25 in US).
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) - Top 25 university, very good social life, great college town, has large focus on engineering/compsci (#13 for CS, #18 in the world).
GeorgiaTech - public school, one of the best technical universities south of the Mason-Dixon line. Easier to get into than the aforementioned, in top 10 undergrad engineering.
University of Massachusetts (Amherst) - Flagship campus of MA, very easy to get into (for you), #20 in country for CS/strong engineering.
You probably already thought about CalTech and MIT, but those are crapshoots (they can take and reject any applicant, doesn't matter how qualified you are). If you got the RPI medal, I would recommend applying since it is a decent technical institute and you will have tons of aid.</p>