Recommend some good history, philosophy, classics, literary criticism journals

<p>I don't want to say "best journals" since that's a debatable and stupid thing to say. But what are, in your opinion, some top-notch/prestigious journals in the above fields? I don't have a paper to submit; I'd just like to flip through them to get a feel of what serious research is like. I'm not looking for any particular subtopics (e.g. philosophy of mind, modernist literature), but just general journals that accept a wide range of subtopics.</p>

<p>Oh, and if you read literary journals (the ones that publish stories), do you have any recommendations? I'm addicted to the Paris Review.</p>

<p>For Classics I regularly read:</p>

<p>American Journal of Philology
Classical Review
Journal of the American Society of Papyrologists
Journal of Roman Archaeology</p>

<p>and browse whatever is in the department library when I'm there.</p>

<p>Many journals have web sites. There's a list here:</p>

<p>Classics</a> journals</p>