Recommendation Etiquette

<p>I know that I should write thank you notes to the people that write recommendations for me. However, should I write them now, or wait until the end of the year? If I wait until the end of the year, at least for one of the teachers, I can add my thanks for being a wonderful teacher for 4 years, a great advisor, and so many other things, in addition to writing that recommendation. I can also tell them the outcome of where I'm going and such. Or do I write it now, when it's closer to when they actually wrote it?</p>

<p>My suggestion is to do both. Write the thank you notes now for your recommendations. At the end of the year you could write a nice letter (with a copy to the school for the teacher's personnel file) thanking him or her for everything through the year(s). This can really mean a lot to the teachers.</p>

<p>A nice gift at the end of the year (books, small mementos) would be nice too.</p>

<p>Verbal thanks now. Written thanks when all is done.</p>

<p>I agree with a written note now...and a follow up note later to tell them the good news and thank them for their help.</p>

<p>I just gave out those little thank you cards. I tried to be brief but enthusiastic, I even said "I know this might be premature seeing as I still have 10 more applications to go out but......."</p>

<p>Later I will buy a little token of appreciation (no gift certificates though, its weird cause it has obvious monetary value) - I like the book idea!</p>

<p>IIcapo, you never need to apologize for giving a thank-you note. No thank-you note is premature unless the person hasn't yet taken the action that you're thanking them for. :)</p>

<p>S's AP Art History teacher from last year stopped him at school to thank him for the note. I told S that if he was accepted ED, he was to invite the teacher to tour the Boston art museums.</p>

<p>We gave each teacher homemade cookies along with the folder of recommendation items.</p>

<p>A small prettily wrapped bag of candies with a note. DD needed some peer recommendations as well - they got the largest obtainable bag of M&Ms.</p>

<p>We haven't given teacher gifts in a long time, but senior year should be the year, especially for the rec writers, they have worked with my daughter in and out of class. </p>

<p>Il capo, I share your willies about "monetary" gifts for recs, but for regular end of the year teacher gifts, according to DH the high school teacher, gift cards are much appreciated (especially for male teachers, there just aren't as many little "things" that they like to get).</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the replies. I was definitely intending to get some sort of end of the year gift for one of the teachers. Like I said before she's been my teacher for 4 years, she's my NHS advisor (actually accompanying me, and 5 other NHS members to St. Louis next week for the national convention), and she recommeneded me for an amazing program a couple years ago, without my knowledge, at the time. There's no way I wouldn't have done something more than just a thank you note for her. I will write a quick note for her and the other teacher (when and if he completes the rec...thanks to work to rule) within the next couple of days.</p>