Recommendation for art schools/colleges that offer a BFA in Illustration? Both $ and $$$

Hi, I’m a rising junior and I need some advice for college. I’m trying to compile a list of colleges-- preferably 15-20 colleges-- that offer a BFA in Illustration. However, I’m struggling to put together a semi-coherent list and would appreciate any help!

I have a very strong and comparable portfolio that features 50+ works starting from Freshman year → Junior year. However, most of them are digital artwork, as this portfolio is made specifically for a digital design + game design class. (Also, digital artwork is my definite strong suit.) My GPA, if it matters, is a 4.357 weighted and a 4.0 unweighted. My PACT score was a 27, hoping to score higher on the actual ACT. I have 2 AP credits (from APUSH and APWH respectively) if those count for anything. Overall my grades are pretty high to help with merit scholarships and grants and etc :slight_smile: I am located in NC.

I would like to attend an art school/art-focused school as I feel it would help further my career with connections + being in a community with people as dedicated to art like me would be great. I’m set on getting a BFA in illustration because I want to study art professionally + connections, and also because I want to have the option of emigrating and the countries I plan on moving to may require me to have a formal education.

Thanks in advance!