recommendation for prep book??

<p>SAT II Math 1 and 2
SAT II Chemistry
SAT II Biology</p>

<p>Math Barron's seems to be the consensus, but if you don't have the time nor patience to plow through it, then PR
Chemistry I'm using all three and Barron's seems to be the most comprehensive, while PR is short and efficient BUT missing a lot of information
Pshht Biology's not a science=P (I hate Biology; I have no clue...)</p>

<p>Math 1 - Barron's
Math 2 - Barron's
Chemistry - PR
Biology - PR</p>

<p>Chemistry PR is good- if you want, you could use their AP book to help study (though there'd be extra stuff on there) and just familiarize yourself with the question types. I personally think that it helps to take AP Chem and after the course, take the SAT II.</p>