Recommendation for regular admissions?

Hello, I have a question about the admission process for this school: In the application, the instructions say to provide information about our highschool counselor who will complete our application after we submit it. Does this mean that my counselor has to write a recommendation letter for me? Or can it just be from a teacher?
Thanks, any help would be appreciated!

@grannyunicorn upon completion of your application you will get a completion document that will have instructions for you and the counselor. The only documents your counselor is required to upload are high school transcript and high school profile that explains grade weighting system. Recommendations are not required. Our D’s counselor did upload a recommendation and it shows on her application status page as “additional documents” but it is not required to complete the application.

The high school counselor provides information on the rigor of your academic program, so if your high school offers IB or AP curriculum, and how the school weighs grades, so the counselor will explain a little about that curriculum and provide your transcripts. You don’t need teacher recommendations to apply to Mines.