Recommendation In Regards To SSN

<p>After going back and reviewing my application, I noticed that I forgot to include my Social Security Number. Should I replicate my application (I've already applied to a college EA) and re-send, or should I contact the school to which I applied and provide them with my SSN?
(As a side note, I need/will be applying for Financial Assistance.)</p>

<p>If I remember correctly, it's not obligatory to provide your SSN on the Common App. For financial aid, you'll have to list your SSN on your FA documents, so they'll have it then.</p>

<p>I work in the IT department at a university. One of the things I do is fix system issues where applicants are in our database more than once. This often happens due to missing or incorrectly entered data such as SSN and/or Date of Birth. Often when I'm fixing them, I see that the applicant's transcript and/or test scores are not attached to their application record, so those items have not been marked as received. Or, when they send in their FAFSA, it doesn't match the applicant record, and a duplicate record is created. </p>

<p>If I were you, I would contact the EA school and provide them with your SSN.</p>