Recommendation Issues

<p>I have two teachers who are writing me my recs this summer, my history and lit teachers...the problem is that I want to major in bio/chem and go on the premed track. (I didn't get a science teacher rec because, well, they don't really know me as well. Is it bad for a science major to not have a science rec????</p>

<p>You made the right choice, you don't want a rec from a teacher with nothing to say about you. A lot of schools say that it's better to get a rec from the teacher of a class you struggled in, but worked hard in. Shouldn't be a problem. I love your account name btw.</p>

<p>don't take my word for it, that isn't fact based.</p>

<p>Make sure the schools you're applying to don't specify what type of teacher you need to get from. Like I think for MIT you need a science or math teacher as well as a humanities teacher. Check the admissions part of individual websites</p>