Recommendation Letter Common App Crisis


So, something happened where I sent a recommendation request to one of my professors three times through the CommonApp, and for some reason, they aren’t sending to her. I’m really worried. It created a huge problem, since my professor didn’t know the due date for my recommendation letter. Has this happened to anyone else?? I tried contacting the CommonApp but apparently they’re closed or something rn. I’m just very frustrated and concerned since they’re literally due in three days.

Honestly, the CommonApp has been incredibly glitchy these past months and I don’t understand why. Thanks.

I had issues with the common app a few weeks ago for one of my submissions so I feel your pain. It’s glitchy and their chat function hasn’t worked for me. Have you tried emailing their support email(I think it’s like support @ common app or something similar?) They actually responded to me very quickly and helped me solve the technical issue. Regardless maybe check with the school you’re applying to and see if the professor can submit via email? So you avoid the common app Rec section altogether.

@jule009 Have you tried copy/pasting what information you have on your application to a word document, deleting your current application in progress and starting over? I had to do this because of a similar problem.