Recommendation Letter Evaluation

<p>So here's the deal,</p>

<p>I asked an english teacher for a rec letter and she managed to write me a pretty good recommendation. Now today, I came in and had her fill out the actual evaluation forms. She gave me low marks on pretty much everything and she changed her evaluation on different school forms. One school asked to rank me in the terms of my academic achievement in my entire class; she said I was good (above average). My math teacher on the other hand, said I was in the top 5% of my class which I am in terms of rank. I get the feeling that if I send in this evaluation form, I won't look as good during the admission process especially since I have some big reaches.
Should I talk to her or just send it in the way it is?</p>

<p>I would talk with your teacher, and see what her reasoning is. Your English teacher can only evaluate you for that class. How are you in English? You could be great in Math, and not so hot in English. For example, my history teacher marked "one of the best he has encountered," but I know if I asked my math teacher, it wouldn't have been that high. I think colleges see this as well. Nobody is perfect in every discipline, and I believe, hopefully, that they take this into consideration during the admissions process.</p>

<p>Once again, I don't think it hurts to ask. Although you would love (me too) for every teacher to check the highest, this could never be the case. Some teachers just mark differently. Then again, above "average" is not something to be ashamed of.</p>

<p>thats why you're supposed to sign the release thing... so you don't look.
send it in the way it is. i'm sure she's not trying to screw you over; she's just being honest. and "good" is definitely fine : )</p>

<p>my councellor's report was filled with "above average" and I sent it off anyways.. it sure didnt kill my application.</p>

<p>i have a similar problem with one of my recommendations..</p>

<p>where did u end up lynda??</p>

<p>So I actually talked to my teacher today, apparently she never looked at the resume I gave her. I showed it to her; it had my rank which is pretty high and all the clubs that I either run or participate in. She ended up filling out another app for me, basically checking off either "outstanding" or "one of the top few in my career." Pretty happy that I talked to her.