Recommendation letter from a different college?

I have a question about recommendation letters.
Last summer I did an internship at a state university.
and I'm writing about the internship for my supp essay.
So, I was thinking about getting a rec from my mentor since he knows me well and
could support my interest and passion ..and he would def write me a good one.
but I was wondering if the rec would give me a disadvantage,
since the school I'm applying is different from the school that I interned. </p>

<p>although my mentor works at a university, he's more like a researcher i don't think
he teaches ...</p>

<p>does it matter? should I still send the recommendation letter??</p>

<p>Your file readers aren’t xenophobes. They know that there are all sorts of educational opportunities at other colleges. A rec letter from a prof at another school is nothing to be concerned about. Best of luck to you</p>