[recommendation letter] Is this gonna hurt my chances?

<p>I asked my advisor for recommendation letter and he agreed to write it, provided I send him copy transcript. The issue is my overall GPA is not good. And the other thing is I have great work experience, so should I also include my work history along with my transcript?
So should I let him write recommendation letter?</p>

<p>I also asked my other subject prof where I had good grade, I have yet to hear back from him.</p>


<p>A tactful but direct thing to do is ask someone if they can write you a strong letter. In your case, you could send the transcript attached to an email that says “Thanks for having a look at this for me! Please write back to confirm you are able to write a strong letter of recommendation so we can agree to go ahead with it.” </p>

<p>When I write recommendation letters I don’t ask for transcripts (I actually ask for a resume or CV and a draft of the statement) but even if I did it wouldn’t color my own recommendation. My recommendation is on the basis of my experience with a student, and I have no idea why they have the grades they did in other classes. I can’t speculate on how they performed earlier or in other classes; I write them based on how they performed with me. The graduate committee can make their own conclusions based on the transcript. (I ask for the resume because I include details of the students’ involvement in other related things in my letter, or I’ll say something like “Suzy was able to balance excellent work in my class/as my RA with being the President of Fight Club and having an internship at Conde Nast.”)</p>

<p>Some professors want to get a sense of how many classes you’ve taken in the field. Other professors WILL take your grades into account. I think a good question is to ask how he’s planning to use the transcript in his recommendation.</p>