Recommendation Letters for Regent's and Chancellor's Scholarship?

<p>The Regent's and Chancellor's Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen and California community college transfer students at the University of California, Berkeley. These awards are based on academic performance, <em>letters of recommendation</em>, extracurricular activities, academic potential, economic background, evidence of overcoming hardship, and other academic or personal qualities that would distinctively contribute to the campus. </p>

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<p>I wanted to know if its true that you send in recommendation letters to be submitted for the Regents scholarship. I thought that Berkeley doesnt accept recommendation letters.</p>

<p>No, you cannot use any letters of recommendation for the Regent's Scholarship. Top applicants each year are simply picked out of the regular pool of applicants. There is no separate application nor additional documents that are viewed.</p>

<p>the letters of recommendation is in reference to the regents selection process.</p>

<p>once one is selected to be interviewed for the regents scholarship, he may bring supplementary letters of recommendation to his interview; on that note, anyone who is selected to be interviewed for the regents scholarship has already been accepted to Berkeley.</p>