Recommendation letters!!!!!!!!!!! please respond ASAP!

<p>I was wondering, do we give our teachers those brown business envelopes? And if the mailing labels aren't sticky, do we tape them on there? How much worth of stamps do we put on there? Thanks!</p>

<p>???? anyone???</p>

<p>i think it varies, perhaps ask your schools college advisor....?</p>

<p>Put 3 stamps -- it will be enough for sure. You can tape or glue the labels on (what difference does it make?). Use normal white envelope, or small brown one.</p>

<p>I sent out my recs today and wanted to put delivery confirmation on it because i'm paranoid. However, i found out that they only put delivery confirmation on letters if it is priority mail, so I had to shell out 8 bucks just to send 2 pieces of mail! Grr.</p>

<p>By the way, I used an envelope as big as the paper, and shipping on it was about 60 cents if I just wanted to send it regular mail.</p>

<p>I am using a business sized envelope, those white ones. Is that okay? That's what it said on the instructions. Also, that would just be 37 cents right?</p>

<p>Yeah, it would just be 37 cents.
On another note, I hope it doesnt look bad if I sent a full-sized envelope since the instructions did say "business sized". Plus the mail lady went crazy and put like 3 priority mail stickers on it since she saw it was going to Stanford and wished me luck.</p>