Recommendation Letters

<p>Is it too late to send in additional recommendation letters through the Common App? I sent in two at the time of the deadline but I didn't realize that you could send in a total of 4. Do you think they would accept two more recommendation letters at this time? This is for undergraduate admission, by the way.</p>

<p>call or email admissions and ask them directly. they've probably started reading apps though, so don't get your hopes up.</p>

<p>They usually let you send them in after the deadline, thats what they let me do for Early action</p>

<p>I was asked to submit a humanities/social sciences reference soon as possible via CommonApp, in an email late last month; it was missing from my original application. After my teacher submitted the reference, the CommonApp status for the particular reference reported as having been downloaded later that same day.</p>

<p>Call the admissions office and ask them whether they would still accept an additional reference. Chances are they might.</p>