Recommendation Letters...

<p>I have a quick question...</p>

<p>I plan to major in Government at Harvard...figuring that I do get accepted...I'm going to get a letter from my AP Govt teacher at school and am also planning on getting one from the professor who taught me the first semester of junior year(the regular teacher was out sick).....she happens to have taught at Harvard and Berkeley and other great much weight would the admissions committee put upon this letter, from a person that knows the caliber of students who attend Harvard and is now recommending me?.......any help would be appreciated, thank you</p>

<p>adcoms will consider that recommendation highly for sure...but obviously u have to have a good recommendation too. Especially if that teacher was well known. They will definitely consider the recommendation from that teacher more highly than a lot of the other applicants' recs.! Ur sooo lucky! gl</p>

<p>thanks......I wonder if anyone has any idea how much of the 'total package' the letters make......they obviously aren't as important as grades and test scores.....but maybe on par with ECs?</p>

<p>In Rock Hard Apps, ECs, recs, interview, and essays get equal weight, and I think SATs and transcript get double the weight.</p>

<p>But who knows if Harvard uses that. LOL. They're probably way too cool for a formula.</p>