Recommendation Letters?

hey, im working on recommendation letters and i wanted to know if EACH rec. needs ONE envelope? because im applying to 7 privates…and so i would probably need like 30 … is that true?

<p>i mailed my entire application, recs and all in one envelope to rpi and they were fine with that, so 1 should do.</p>

<p>but i give my recommendations to my teachers, and they send it to the colleges....because my applications will be done online</p>

<p>if i give 7 recs to three teachers...and each rec is from different school, shouldnt they get like 21 envelopes?</p>

<p>I told all my teachers to turn their recs to my counselor. My counselor then mailed all the recs together in one evelope.</p>

<p>Yes, each needs its own envelope. Each teacher should get 7 if you are applying to 7 schools. What do you want them to do? Send them all in one envelope? </p>

<p>An alternative can be to ask the teachers to give their letters to your guidance counselor, and ask him to send their letters with his part of the application, but that is not how it's normally done.</p>

<p>well to me it doesnt matter, i just want to know what is the correct way to do it, because i need to "impress" the colleges, ill do anything</p>