Recommendation letters?

<p>do all university needs recommendation letters?
if not can someone give me a list or website for that </p>

<p>because i dont want ask teachers for that, special counselor she doesnt know me at all</p>

<p>Most colleges don't require rec letters. Most colleges just want to see your transcript and test scores. More selective ones need rec letters. What types of schools interest you?</p>

<p>well i know couple schools that im going to apply not require the rec letter but some does</p>

<p>so it confuse me if i needs rec letter or not. because if needs rec letter i needs to ask 2 teachers or counselor.</p>

<p>additional im only apply to public school but i dont why some public school needs it</p>

<p>If the school says it requires no letter, it doesn't. If the school says it requires letters, it does. What do you want us to do for you here?</p>

<p>^^^^^ agreed. This is really something we can't help you with.</p>

<p>Why wouldn't you want to ask for a rec letter anyway? Are you in a large public school where the teacher doesn't know you?</p>