Recommendation Question

<p>I have this weird question popped in to my head. Let's say, you're applying to 6 colleges, and you need two teacher recommendation letter for each. So, do you have to find 12 different teacher or something? Would it be kind of odd if ask a teacher to write more than one letter for you?</p>

<p>you ask the same 2 people for all recomendations. if you apply like a billion placees, they dont want to write any more and you have to find new people</p>

<p>Sometimes, the way it's done is teachers write one letter (without a school name) and send it to the college counseling office, which mails it out everywhere. But, in any case, asking them to print it 6 times with a different college name each time is not that big an imposition. They get paid for this.</p>

<p>Here's a tip for those of you who are taking college courses: Most college professors aren't overwhelmed with recommendation requests. They are often delighted to write recommendations for outstanding high school students who are enrolled in their classes. Some will even write a specific letter to each college saying why a student is a good fit for that college. Added bonus: Most are more literate than the average high school teacher.</p>

<p>But if i only have this professor for a rather short time, Is he going to be able right a strong letter?</p>

<p>Ask him. He'll tell you whether or not he can write a strong recommendation.</p>