Recommendation says "Started"

<p>My teacher recommendation status says "Started" and has said this for a couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me if it will change to "Completed" when the teachers have done the submission or does it stay as "Started"? One of my teachers said she had submitted her recommendation letter but I'm concerned that maybe it hasn't gone through since it only says "started". I'm facing a Nov. 1 deadline for my college and am getting very stressed knowing that the only thing standing in my way is now this recommendation letter and I have no way of knowing for sure if it's been completed or not.</p>

<p>The magic word you are waiting for is “submitted”. Yes, it will change when the teacher has properly completed the rec for you.</p>

<p>Thank you!! That’s exactly what I needed. Now, hopefully we can get the teachers on this again. I know they were having problems logging in and then they were most recently having problems with it freezing up.</p>

<p>did you get this problem solved because my teacher rec says the same thing and my teacher said she submitted it? I’m getting nervous because I have the November 1st deadline too</p>

<p>Did you all add the name of your teachers to the rec list? I can’t seem to do that… :c</p>

<p>Look for a link that says “manage recommenders” in the recommendations section of any school on your dashboard.</p>