Recommendation/School Report received before application

<p>Hi, I'm applying EA and my application was recently received by the Admissions Office (just got in the system today). I got my PIN and when I checked the status online, it says they haven't received my recommendations or school report yet; however, one of my recommenders and my counselor sent their recommendation/school report before I had sent in my application. A few other school websites revealed that if those pieces are received before the applicaton, they would hold them and match them up with your app. once it arrived. Does anyone know if this is the case with Harvard, or should I have my recommender and counselor re-send their items? I'd appreciate any help, thanks.</p>

<p>No need to resend. With pretty much all colleges, when the first item arrives, be it app, or rec, or SATs, or whatever, the school opens a file for you and the rest of the items are added to it as they come in.</p>

<p>Colleges are very used to things showing up in the "wrong" order.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot, I appreciate the reply.</p>