Recommendations for college admission consultant

My son is a freshman at a public high school. He is academically strong (taken high school Pre-AP courses in middle school and excelled) and doing well in his current high school courses (AP/Pre-AP).
With the intent of giving him an extra edge when applying to top tier colleges, we are considering engaging the services of a college admission consultant…someone who can guide him through the high school years in making the right choices of extracurriculars, summer programs, etc. to position him as a competitive candidate for super selective schools.
I have seen other threads around this topic. But nobody mentions the name/contactinfo of the consultant they worked with. I assume that is because of the posting guidelines of the forum.
If you can personal message me information about admission consultants that you have worked with and recommend, I would appreciate it.

Your best bet is to ask on local social media pages and ask around for local recommendations.