Recommendations for easy classes for L&S breadth?

<p>Im looking for some recommendations for the breath requirements for L&S. Specifically, I need to take classes for Arts and literature, History, International Studies, and Philosophy. What are some easy/breezy classes to take for these? I'm not particularly interested in the subjects, so I'd just like to get them out of the way. I totally overkilled the physical sciences category since thats what I like the most. Heh.</p>

<p>I'm looking for the same thing. Music 27 is easy for Arts and Literature. International Studies is the hardest breadth to fulfill because I feel like theres a small selection of classes.</p>

<p>maybe I'll look for an easy philosophy class. I heard there was one on logic that was okay...</p>

<p>Philosophy 12A is the one you're talking about. You'll want to take it with Fitelson, who teaches it only in the Fall I believe. He's a really easy grader (majority of class gets A's I believe.. you can look it up on pickaprof to make sure) and a very good lecturer. </p>

<p>Art23AC is good for Arts breadth and AC requirement. It's only offered in the Fall though. I'm taking it right now, and it's dirt easy and quite interesting as well. I think like 80% of the people get A's. There's no required readings or midterms. The whole class consists of a bunch of small assignments which are extremely easy (takes me an hour the night before they're due) and a final exam which is basically a written discussion on the implications of technology.</p>

<p>Look at the special L&S seminar classes, they are generally pretty interesting and feature some good teachers</p>