Recommendations for these SAT IIs...HELP?

<p>Alright, so I just finished taking the SAT Is for the second time, and God willing, it will be my last. Assuming I do well, I will take the SAT IIs in May and June. The SAT test date in May is the day immediately following prom, so I will have little to no cramming time. On this day I was planning on taking subjects I'm pretty well-off on, Math II (I'm in AP Calc AB this year), Literature, and US History (I'm taking AP US History this year). In June I'm going to take Biology, which I haven't taken since freshman year, Chemistry, which I haven't taken since last year, and Spanish, which I do well with but need to study a bit more. Overall I just want to know what books you recommend, especially for Bio and Chem since I need to reteach myself, and which tests are the hardest/easiest. I got a Silver last year on the National Spanish Exam Level 3 if that's any help. </p>


<p>definitely barrons except for bio, don't stress over the details though</p>

<p>What should I do for Bio, because that's the one I'm stressing most about. I took a Math II practice test in the official cb book, and got an 800, so I'm not too worried about that. I'm not expecting an 800 on the real thing, but at least I can stop stressing :-). The same kinda goes for spanish and ush, but what should I do for lit? I've heard lit is a lot harder than people expect it to be, any ideas of how to prep? Also, Bio and chem will be the hardest, and I was highly unprepared when I took the Chem SAT last year and i got a 550 which was tragic. What should I do to really boost my scores?</p>