Recommendations from friends?

<p>I have a very close family friend. She's from Argentina and just finished her Ph.D. I'm Indian. The reason we met was because of Hurricane Katrina (I live in Louisiana). It was a really unique experience/meeting and also a long story. Right now, she's traveling the world with her fiance, volunteering to teach English in different places. We've gotten pretty close, so I want her to write me a recommendation letter for college. I think the fact that our meeting and friendship is so unique will stand out to colleges. Is that okay? Do colleges accept letters of recommendations from friends/family friends or only from teachers/counselors/coaches? Which colleges DO accept recommendations from friends? Do you think asking her for a recommendation would be a good idea?</p>


<p>bumpp. :slight_smile: please please please?</p>

<p>If you are planning to use it in addition to the required teacher recs and GC rec, then that is fine. Read the school’s rules regarding supplemental materials. Some schools do not want additional materials and recommendations. It would be best used in scholarship applications, since it speaks to character.</p>

<p>My daughter will have one extra rec from the woman who runs the organization where my daughter volunteers. It should be a great one…</p>

<p>Of the 8 schools currently on her list, only 3 allow you to add an extra rec through the common app. Most schools will allow one extra rec, as long as it is not another teacher, but you need to do it by snail mail. So, we are going to give the recommender 8 envelopes (preaddressed and stamped), and also 8 stickers with my daughters CA number that she can put on the letter. </p>

<p>If they do not want an extra one, they will not include it in your file. It is unlikely that you will incur anyones wrath (try sending in an extra dozen for that…)</p>

<p>Some schools, like Dartmouth, require peer recommendations</p>