Recommendations:From Whom?

<p>For my RD schools, I'm not sure which teacher I should ask for recommendations if they require only one. I could ask either my AP USHist teacher, who wrote me a very good recommendation, or my sophomore year, half year Foreign Policy teacher, who wrote an absolutely outstanding recommendation with specific examples of my character and action in and out of the classroom. Which of these would be looked upon more favorably? In other words, would colleges prefer a recommendation from a junior year teacher rather than a sophomore year teacher, despite the fact that my Fo Po teacher knows me very well?
Also, for schools that ask for two recommendations, it is alright to ask a senior year teacher? Will colleges think the teacher has a basis on which to recommend me?
Thank you.</p>

<p>I'd go with the Foreign Policy teacher, but you might want to make sure the rec elaborates on how well she actually knows you. A 1/2 year class isn't going to cut it; if she's your debate coach, sports coach, etc... and knows you from out of school/extracurricular activities, then it is a perfectly good option. Otherwise, just stick to the APUSH teacher. </p>

<p>For 2 recs, why don't you ask both foreign policy teacher and APUSH teacher? Instead of asking a senior year teacher...who probably won't know you nearly as well (unless, once again, this senior year teacher has seen you actively participate in extracurricular activities. Then that's slightly different)</p>

<p>My fo po teacher has been the advisor for a community service group I am in, but I don't know if that is mentioned explicitly in the letter. He does, however, say he has known me for three years and that I am a "fixture in his classroom after school where lively debate is routine."</p>

<p>If that's the case, then just go for the foreign policy teacher</p>

<p>Generally, colleges prefer junior over sophomore teachers but in your case, this person know you for 3 years then he is the person to ask for letter of recommendation.</p>