Recommendations on hotels in South Beach Art Deco District??

<p>((in response to that other thread, this is one of the reasons I hang around CC--you guys know EVERYTHING))</p>

<p>we're planning a family trip this summer to Miami Beach and want to stay in the Art Deco district. I've stayed only at one small hotel there, and the rooms were too cramped to work well for more than a night or two. You could stand in the bathroom and touch all four walls without even stretching your arms, lol, and that gets a bit claustrophobic.</p>

<p>So has anyone stayed in a place that is somewhat reasonably priced, or if it's a splurge, is definitely worth it? It seems to be easy to find stuff for $500 a night and up, but that's not really my budget these days.</p>

<p>any ideas??</p>

<p>Here's what one of my other favorite web sites has to say:</p>

<p>Miami</a> Beach Hotels: Read Miami Beach Hotel Reviews and Compare Prices - TripAdvisor</p>

<p>I love that art deco area. Be sure and take the walking tour. Our family stayed further north, but if we were to go again, we'd stay in the South Beach area.</p>

<p>thanks for the link, toledo. some of those places sound great. And I'm sure H and I will be up for the walking tour. And a trip to Joe's.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, many of the Art Deco hotels do have very small rooms. Our family loves the Loews. It has a great location with an easy walk to the Lincoln Rd pedestrian mall and Ocean Drive, no car necessary unless you plan to visit other areas. Since summer is off season in Miami, you might be able to pick up a great hotel for a reasonable price. It will be VERY HOT, but you should have a great time. We go to a grocery store and get a case(s) of water to keep in the room and everybody grabs one whenever they go out. Stone crabs will be out of season, but in addition to Joe's, Monty's is a fun happy hour spot.</p>

<p>I remembered that I would be out of luck for stone crabs but I had been hoping we could still go to Joe's for the other great things on the menu (during stone crab season, I always have to order those, so I enjoy getting a chance to endulge in something else there) but the website says they will close Aug. 3, a few days before we get there. </p>

<p>We love Monty's, and the D's were too young when we moved away from Miami to remember it, so they will love the atmosphere. I think that was the very first restaurant I ever went to in Miami. I moved there in the 80's before South Beach had its revival, and then the Grove was the place to hang out. But we've been gone for 15 years, and a lot has changed since then. </p>

<p>I never really had a reason to stay in a hotel on Miami Beach back then, so I'm familiar with some of the names but don't really know what the hotels are like now. I will definitely look in to the Loews. Thanks.</p>

<p>Peabodie, don't discount the heat in summer--how quickly our bodies forget! I lived in Miami for several years in the 70's (I was in my 20's). DH had never spent any time there, so several years ago when both kids were in camp we decided to take advantager of off season prices and spend a long July weekend at the National. It was a great hotel, with a terrific "infinity" pool. HOWEVER--it was so meltingly and oppressively hot--I couldn't believe that I had actually functioned in that climate, let alone worn work clothes. I know you lived there too, but apparently the years really made me much less tolerant of the heat. </p>

<p>Maybe we can meet up at Dickinson orientation--should we develop a secret handshake?</p>

<p>dg5052: we'll have to meet up. we're coming down the night before so that we don't have to get up so early in the morning for the long drive. I'll be the one patting DH on the back and reassuring him that it will all be OK.</p>

<p>you're right about the heat. I did fine while living there, although it was always a shock to the system to come out of the office at night and get hit by the heat and humidity. Now after years of cool New England nights, I think that will be the hardest thing to adjust to. Hot days are one thing for this aging body, but hot nights are much tougher. That's one reason I want to find a decent hotel--I need a nice place to retreat to when this tired old body gives out. Then, of course, I can go back out and hit the clubs after midnight ... yeah, right.</p>