Recommendations ??

<p>Is it okay to have a rec from a teacher during sophomore year?
Is it better to have a "glowing" rec from soph year or a "good/ great" rec during junior year?? ...cause I think my soph year will write a much better rec for me than my junior year teachers..

<p>I think Stanford discourages or disregards recommendations from sophmore year teachers.</p>

<p>Is there any info on the Stanford website?</p>

<p>bump please</p>

<p>Stanford requires 2 teacher recs, but you can also send in an optional 3rd rec. I think Stanford says that they'd prefer your 2 teacher recs be from junior/senior teachers, but that the optional rec may be from a sophomore teacher.</p>

<p>I believe this information is on instructions of the actual teacher rec form. It should be on the Stanford website also.</p>

<p>so the rec from junior/ senior year ca be from any teacher? (i.e. music teacher)</p>

<p>Qualitative accounts of your academic abilities are important to us. We require two recommendations from teachers and one recommendation from a counselor (or other school administrator who knows you well, if your counselor does not). </p>

<p>We require that your recommenders be teachers who have taught you in grades 11 and/or 12 in two different subject areas from among the following: English, mathematics, science, foreign language and history/ social studies. The best piece of advice as you choose teacher recommenders is to choose people who like you and who will share unique examples of your academic strengths and personal qualities.</p>

<p>If there is one other person who knows you well and can contribute something new about you, you can ask that person to complete the Optional Recommendation Form. With this additional recommendation, the same important guideline still applies: we want to be impressed by what they say about you, not by who they are. A letter from a famous person or Stanford alumnus is not going to help us reach a decision if that person is unable to add new insights to your application. This is not required, and most applicants will not submit an optional recommendation.</p>

<p>-That's what's on the Stanford website about recs.
So, I guess a music teacher's rec will have to be the optional 3rd rec you can send in.</p>