Hi i am a rising high school senior about to start applications for nursing programs.

I was wondering how do recs work? do i place 2 recs on my common app or do i get 2 recs for each college application. I do not understand how the 2nd option would be practical.

When a recommender writes you a letter of recommendation, the letter will be sent to all colleges that you’re asking them to write for. This is why counselors/recommendors should not tailor a letter to a specific campus:

Here is a note from the common app recommender guide:
"Important note: The Common App for recommenders is a one-and-done process. That means that once you submit a form, it’s sent to all the colleges you’re assigned to. That’s why it’s important not to customize your forms for a specific institution. "

I hope this helps!

would the recs be sent through common app or would there be a separate website dedicated to the forms’ submission?