<p>On the applications, there are "top few in career", "top 5%"
Can someone give me an example of a "top few in career" student and a "top 5%" student? What subtle differences are between these two types of students?</p>

<p>A "top few in career" student might come around once every five or six years. A "top 5%" student means #1/20... or maybe the best person in a class.</p>

<p>it made me sad to see top 5% on some categories and top career on others. I wondered what was so different. lol</p>

<p>How does one become a"top few in career" student? lol I know its kind of a funny question</p>

<p>no idea. maybe you suck up constantly, and make your teachers cookies like I did for one's birthday once</p>

<p>that was amusing</p>