recommendations ?

<p>when i log into my online application it says that i have completed my application and it is currently under review and an admission decision is not yet ready and that i don't have any items which are outstanding. However i haven't submitted any of my recommendations yet which drexel requires, so should i still submit them ?</p>

<p>I would still submit them. My S received a message that his application was complete and under review, then a week later the website changed to say they were missing something. It does say 2 recommendations are required, one from a guidance counselor, so they may eventually notice if they aren’t there!</p>

<p>Wait, I was under the impression that the VIP application does NOIT require a teacher recommendation (just the GC). Is this incorrect? Drexel’s VIP forms did not say.</p>

<p>You may be right. I looked at the e-mail they sent when he submitted the VIP app, and it does say to submit test scores and counselor recommendation with transcript. He sent a teacher one because he thought it would help his case, I guess. Sorry to add to anyone’s stress!</p>

<p>If weescooter didn’t send the counselor one yet, he should though. The website did say S’s app was complete, then changed its mind and said something was missing.</p>

<p>i just got in today and i didnt have to submit any recs but thanks for the responces</p>