recommended books for US history, Math IC, Lit

<p>I'm an international, studying by myself to take US history, Math IC and Lit in November. Which prep. books did you find the most helpful/similar to the standard of the SATs? This is the first time I'm taking them, so I would appreciate some guidelines.</p>

<p>With US history, I'm working off Kaplan, Barrons, US History for Dummies. I'm hating Barrons - absolutely shocking to study off!</p>

<p>Math IC: With the princeton review</p>

<p>Lit: REA, princeton review, Kaplan, Barrons. I find princeton review is the easiest one. Did you find the lit. test to be similar or harder than that standard?</p>

<p>Anything feedback, welcome!!</p>

<p>Get Barrons for all your SAT needs. Kaplan has a lot of mistakes and is bad, princeton review is a little too easy, etc. Barrons overprepares you which is good because you'd rather know more than know less. </p>

<p>Barrons is the bomb.</p>