Recommended Course Vs Required

<p>Hi CC,</p>

<p>If a university "usually recommends" me to take this type of math course in high school, and I haven't taken it, will this be a major disadvantage on my application/admission?</p>

<p>Eg. They recommend me take IB Math HL than IB Math SL. Both cover calculus, but HL Math is a much more in depth math course. Currently receiving top scores for SL Math, if that might help in any way.</p>


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<p>Depends on the university.</p>

<p>A typical moderately selective university probably does not expect its students to have taken any calculus, though that would be a bonus. A highly selective university, particular a STEM-focused one, or where you are applying to the engineering division, may care more about it.</p>

<p>IB Math SL includes an introduction to calculus, but is not generally considered enough calculus to place into more advanced math like IB Math HL often is.</p>

<p>It is for a business school, NYU Stern.
They told me that as an IB applicant, they usually recommend IB Math HL. However, if I receive top marks in Math SL, it would still be positive on my application.</p>

<p>I am just still skeptical on this part. Just wondering that if a uni recommends a course, is it a connotation of "required", which will hurt my application, or is it just something they recommend for better prep for their calc course in uni?</p>

<p>NYU Stern's math placement guidelines:
NYU</a> Stern | Plan Schedule</p>

<p>IB Math SL does not allow you to place into a more advanced math course that IB Math HL (with a score of 6 or 7) does.</p>

<p>Thanks! And Yes, I understand that, SL math does not have placement credits.</p>

<p>Just wondering if SL math would be disadvantageous in my admission for stern.</p>

<p>Yes the HL is recommended, but it is entirely possible that only the SL will fit your schedule. Colleges use the word "recommended" rather than "required" because the admissions officers know that some students just can't arrange to take a particular class.</p>

<p>Unless you intend to switch to HL if you learn that SL will torpedo your application, you should stop worrying about this. For that kind of definite answer, you really need to contact the admissions office at Stern.</p>