Recommended Dorms

<p>My daughter will be applying this fall. Any recommendations for dorms. We were looking at Modular dorms, but didn't know if any were better than others? Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Modular dorms are are like twice the size of all the other dorms. If she likes to party, being on North side would be best. South side tends to be a little quieter but can still have some fun.</p>

<p>isnt it a little late to try in apply for dorms now? I thought they already had a wait list in order because they were filled up with apps??</p>

<p>Modular or commons. Modular is better if her top priority is to have more space, but the commons is the best dorm for meeting people and stuff.</p>

<p>All depends on what kind of college experience she is looking for. I lived on campus for 4 years back in the late 70s, early 80s (that was what everyone did back then).....but I lived in a modular (when they were brand new) and the Commons, as well as a balcony style. Each kind has it's advantage, but I wouldn't recommend the balcony style for freshmen as they have changed those up, some are small apartments, etc. The mods are great, as you have your own bath that you only share with roommate, and they are so much larger, more floor space, more closet space.... But, that said, even though the Commons are tiny in comparison, the socialization aspect is better. If she is planning on going Greek, then I especially recommend the Commons, as more of the sorority girls seem to live there. But, on campus is on campus, and I would definitely recommend it. It makes life much easier for a freshman. Northside is close to Sbisa, which is the best cafeteria option around. For girls that isn't as big a deal. My son is in the Corps, so has lived in Corps housing the whole time, which is the worst housing on campus, and my daughter lived in Callaway, as on campus housing was full when she got in. Callaway is very nice, but she would have traded it for the convenience of being on campus.</p>