Record low acceptance rate

<p>Only 8.7% accepted this year. </p>

<p>See details here:
[“Brown</a> Daily Herald article”](<a href=“]"Brown”></p>

<p>Urk. I'm tempted to say we should discourage people who don't fit from even applying, so that our admissions decisions become less a numbers game than they are now. I.e. if you apply to Princeton and Yale, and either of those are your top choices, you likely shouldn't apply here, even if you do have a 2400 etc. etc... Of course, we'll never discourage applicants because it boosts USNWR.</p>

<p>What does it matter if it's a numbers game? If 500,000 more people applied next year, and only 20 of them were qualified, then even if there's a .5% acceptance rate, your "chances" don't really go down as long as you're still qualified.</p>

<p>The concept of the 'qualified' applicant only exists in conservative fantasies about why affirmative action kept them out of Harvard.</p>

<p>The accept rate is a number that could have been generated as soon as Brown announced how many apps were in. The number of offers stays relatively static. Just divide that number by the total # of apps -- and you get the accept rate. Both numbers have been available for a while. The rate isn't news, I would think.</p>

<p>^Correct. Acceptance rate = (number of applicants)/((number of spots)/(anticipated yield))</p>

<p>^what's news is that our anticipated yield went up.</p>

<p>^ Yuppers.</p>

<p>I agree, but I think this year they accepted 112 fewer applicants than usual. Not a huge difference, but noticeable and noteworthy because they've always accepted at least 2800 applicants.</p>

<p></a>" + artTitle.replace("-","") + " - " + "The Brown Daily Herald" + "</p>

<p>Dear God was acceptance really that low? I guess I didn't bother doing the math when I got my online acceptance confirmation lol</p>

<p>This is some kind of miracle, both my best friend and I got into Brown. I only have an SAT of 2020. But I guess it was the other stuff that counted more. Does anyone know more about Brown's EMT program? I've looked up their site but I was wondering if anyone here would know more than a few blogs on their site (I've emailed them but no response for over a week). I'm an EMT in New York and I was wondering if my NY licensing can carry over to Rhode Island or if I need to take another test?</p>