Record Number Apply to Middlebury

<p>Although official tallies are not yet in, it looks like a record number of students applied for admission to Middlebury this year. The Burlington Free Press is reporting that this year’s tentative total is 8,498 applications, up 6.4 percent from last year’s 7,984.</p>

<p>Nought</a> 101 College apps up at Middlebury, steady at UVM</p>

<p>Well crap.</p>


<p>■■■ basically.</p>

<p>good news for midd at least…</p>

<p>i wonder if they’ll ever catch swat in the rankings</p>

<p>The New York Times just published a comprehensive list of application numbers and trends for the class of 2015.</p>

<p>[Applications</a> Rise (Yet Again) at Dozens of Selective Colleges -](<a href=“]Applications”>Applications Rise (Yet Again) at Dozens of Selective Colleges - The New York Times)</p>

<p>Here are some of the LAC application numbers for the class of 2015:</p>

<p>Grinnell: 2,925
Haverford: 3,471
CMC: 4,458
Davidson: 4,734
Bates: 5,146
Colby: 5,159
Hamilton: 5,264
Swarthmore: 6,389
Bowdoin: 6,503
Williams: 7,008
Pomona: 7,189
Colgate: 7,763
Vassar: 7,983
Amherst: 8,410
Middlebury: 8,498
Wesleyan: 10,010</p>

<p>Wow, I didn’t know that Wesleyan was that popular.
It’s interesting to look at the numbers of the colleges you applied to and think, “That units digit would be one below what it is now if it weren’t for me.”</p>

<p>Wesleyan does not have a supplement so that may contribute to some additional applicants, of ones who have at least some interest</p>

<p>Applications to Wesleyan were down six percent compared to last year. Applications to Colgate and Grinnell also were down. All of the other schools on my list saw a rise in applicants.</p>



<p>Yeah. Grinnell is the only school on my list where applications didn’t rise.</p>

<p>So what’s this year’s Midd’s acceptance rate???</p>

<p>It’ll probably be around 17-18% for all admits, and between 16-17% for fall admits.</p>

<p>Middlebury no longer requires a supplemental essay – they eliminated it after the applications for the class of 2013</p>


I thought the same thing!</p>